Upcoming Themes

We update the themes in June each year (the 2025 theme list went live in June 2024…). At this time, submissions are “always open” but there is a moving window for particular themes and issues. 

We accept fantasy stories that are not theme-focused and will consider all stories for any issue.

  • January 2025

    Worlds of opportunity.

  • April 2025

    Sudden turns!

  • July 2025

    Making the choice.

  • October 2025

    Not (quite) of this world...

Response Timeline

Initial responses will come within 90 days.

Final publication decisions are made approximately 3 months before the issue is set to come out.

  • January Issue - decision in early October
  • April Issue - decision in early January
  • July Issue - decision in early April
  • October Issue - decision in early July
Review Submission Guidelines